Lanyards are ropes that run around the back of the neck and over the shoulders. It allows you to wear an ID badge or ticket around your belly button. There are various types of Lanyards at; you can find it all. We have been in this field for over 75 years and these years of experience helped us to improve bit by bit.

Badge Lanyard

Badge Lanyard

While one of the most common uses for lanyards is to keep conference credentials accessible while attending events such as trade shows, lanyards are also commonly used in various industries for staff badges and ID cards among other things. From college students and staff, Corporate Offices, Government Workers, Event and Concert Staff, Healthcare workers, Reporters to Hospitality Industry, everyone needs a Badge Lanyard can be a necessary thing. With the lanyards, normal people can know about the identity of the organization, and it will help in better management.


Coiled Lanyard

The Coiled Tool Lanyard is both versatile and durable. Because of its small size, it is ideal for small work environments. It is intended to lay flat in order to limit the likelihood of snagging. It is suitable for rescue personnel, scaffolds, construction workers, as well as the Oil + Gas, Nuclear, and Utility industries and may be worn as a belt, harness, or wristband. The coil lanyard may be used with a variety of equipment weighing less than 3KG, including hammers, spanners, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers, and power tools. At both ends, there are double-action, lightweight aluminum carabiners that spin around 360°. These anti-tangle carabiners allow the coiled lanyard to be used with spinning tools and stretches freely without interfering with the usage or operation of tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, scaffold wrenches, and so on. This is one of the best-coiled tool lanyards on the market, with an aerospace grade steel core and hardened PU covering. It’s simple to clean and maintain. At Retracti Cords, we can have the best Coiled Lanyard.

Company lanyard

Company lanyard

Consider all the trade exhibitions and conferences when you receive a customized lanyard to keep your pass or as a lovely bonus. If you attend several events throughout the year, you’re probably used to it, but workplace lanyards are anything but ordinary. Company lanyards are an excellent method to distinguish yourself from the competition and attract the attention of prospective new clients. They’re a fun method to sell, a low-cost tool, and a simple item to get into the hands of people.

Purchasing lanyards demonstrates that you care. It shows that you know how to pay attention to minor details and go above and beyond to complete a well-done task. You’re expressing all of this and more when you send out lanyards.

Retractable Lanyard

Retractable Lanyard

When working on high structures, chimneys, bridges, rooftops, and other locations with fall dangers, retractable lanyards can be employed. They may be preferred over ordinary six-foot shock-absorbing lanyards for a variety of reasons. A self-retracting lanyard allows the worker to move freely, which a six-foot shock absorber does not allow. He can move about effortlessly after he is tethered to an anchoring point to do his mission. If you want the best retractable lanyards, then we should be your first choice.

Security Lanyard

Security Lanyard

Lanyards are often used by security workers in both the public and private sectors all around the world. They frequently utilize printed lanyards because they allow security personnel to be easily identified, which is essential when dealing with potentially tense circumstances. Lanyards are also used by security personnel to hold ID badges, which are essential in their line of work. Double-sided badge holders are especially beneficial for gaining rapid access to ID badges. Security Lanyards can be used to identify members and employees of organizations. It is easy to recognize people who should not be present if all staff are obliged to wear a lanyard and ID badge. ID badges are vividly shown since a lanyard is worn around the neck. They are making safety and security as simple as possible.


Sports Lanyard

From sports coaches, school athletes, Professional athletes to Recreational sports teams, Sports Lanyard is important to all of them. Lanyards may be personalized for each player and used to keep equipment organized. This might include a lanyard to hold your mouth guard case, water bottle, or other little items needed for your activity. Lanyards might help you avoid misplacing or losing personal items. The lanyard may also be used to keep track of crucial dates and times, such as departure times, training times, and competition hours. You might also include contact information and medical alert information, such as allergies.

Children’s Lanyard

Child ID cards and lanyards may be an excellent safety precaution—by giving children their festival lanyard, you can simply record all important personal information in one spot.

You might add the following information: Names and phone numbers of parents any information about allergies or particular requires anything the youngster enjoys doing, so that they may be readily engaged while waiting for their parents. By placing all of this information on the ID card and lanyard, the kid can promptly receive the most excellent care and attention if they become separated from their parents or are involved in an accident.



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