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The Retracti-Mask is available in three standard colors and sizes.

When retracted, it retracts to 12 inches, however, when extended, it expands to 2.5 inches.


Extends from 1.5″ to 7.5″ when retracted

Giant/Extra-Large is represented by the color gray.

With the Retracti-Cords, you may attach them to your waist and store them in a goodie bag or pocket.

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Autac’s talented staff has been hard at work developing a Personal Retractile Cord to retain masks on your person conveniently while the globe has faced a global epidemic. When it comes to protection against bacteria, viruses, static electricity, and flaming irritants, Autac’s Retracti-Cord has it all. Masks, badges, and other objects that are frequently used but easily lost or misplaced can be kept safe and secure in these cases.

Keep your mask and yourself together with these handy tiny cords. No more humiliating journeys back to the car or fumbling through purses and wallets. The Retracti-Mask cord is attached to your clothing with clothing-friendly clips, and the other end is attached to your mask. This is it! When you need it, it’s always there. To prevent your mask from slipping down your face, use the clips. Genius!!

There are a variety of customization options available!

Your logo, your colors, and your company name! For more information, please contact us.

This item should only be used to secure PPE facemasks, which is what it was designed to do. Using it for anything other than securing a facemask poses a risk to the user’s face and eyes. There are choking dangers and sharp edges in this product, thus it is not a toy and should not be used by little children. Older children should always be supervised by an adult when using this product.